Comprehensive Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Exam

At the Wilcox Eye Center, the difference in our Eye Exams is our thoroughness. We do not believe in a “routine eye exam”, as our talented and seasoned technicians, cutting edge technology and inherent suspicion for subtle conditions results in our consistent exceeding of patients expectations.

Since Dr. Wilcox lectures, publishes and is a contact lens manufacturer’s consultant, his keen vision and awareness results in solving and resolving more patients’ problems and complaints. The Wilcox Eye Center is committed to providing the best eye health and vision care for every family member; from infants to toddlers, school age and young adults, middle age to seniors. Moreover, we are proud to provide extra time and attention to those family members with special needs.

Eye Health

The eye itself, surrounding structures, and the neural visual pathway are all evaluated to determine the presence of glaucoma, cataracts, retina problems, diabetes, hypertension, and other eye medical problems.

Refractive Status

Testing is performed to diagnose and evaluate nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, eye teaming/focusing/tracking and near vision comfort.

Strabismus (eye turn) and amblyopia (“lazy eye”) are carefully tested for with all family members – especially Kid’s Eye Care.

The benefits of the appropriate and various vision correction options are discussed and evaluated.

Eye Surgery Co-Management

Eye Surgery co-management is the care provided by your family eye doctor before and after your eye surgery. Dr. Wilcox’s extensive co-management experience and exceptional rapport with many eye surgeons and specialists provide for convenient and conscientious eye surgery co-management care every step of the way right at Wilcox Eye Center.

Dr. Wilcox maintains an active relationship with many of the cataract, refractive, glaucoma, lid, and retina specialists. Having worked with Dr. Wilcox and trusting his abilities, many of the specialists are willing to co-manage your eye surgery with him and save you out-of town travel and provide you convenience.

The eye care team at Wilcox Eye Center can do “all the leg work” in setting up evaluations and surgeries with the eye care specialist right for you. We routinely provide co-management of cataract surgery and Laser Vision Correction. We also often help with the follow-up for lid and retinal conditions and glaucoma care.

A Pledge from Dr. Wilcox

It is the mission of the Wilcox Eye Center to exceed each patient’s expectations by providing the most comprehensive and highest quality vision care services and products available.

We will deliver this optimal level of eye care by remaining on the cutting edge through active research and continued education while investing in proven state-of-the-art technology.

We will treat each patient with respect and create an enduring relationship based on trust and honest communication.

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