Alternative Eye Care

Are you looking for less-invasive eye treatements?

Perhaps you’re searching to protect and treat your eyes naturally, with less (or no) medicine and surgery. Wilcox Eye Center offers complementary and alternative eye care options. Our various holistic approaches to eye care guarantee we can pair treatments to support our traditional eye care options (complementary), or we can design a fully alternative eye care program for you. These integrative treatments advance your eye care beyond just your eyes to include a whole-body wellness approach.


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You’ll read about…

  1. 1. How we are using safe microcurrent and bioelectric signals to protect against, and even reverse, vision loss due to macular degeneration and other ocular diseases. (Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Bioelectric Signaling)
  2. 2. How we are harnessing the power of light energies to treat various ocular diseases, including glaucoma, dry eye, macular degeneration and other retinopathies. (Photo biomodulation)
  3. 3. How we are following in the footsteps of space travel and neurologists by using electromagnetic pulses to re-charge your own cells into self-healing machines. (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields)
  4. 4. How we are putting a halt to oxidative stress and building up your immune system and the protective enzymes it needs to fight disease. (Ozone)
  5. 5. And, how we are recalibrating the energies in our own bodies and setting them to work for healing. (Scalar Frequencies)